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Site Profiles, Email and Wiki Privileges

Site Profiles, Email and Wiki Privileges

How does login work now?

You now use your email address as your primary login method. Once you create a Anime Vice account you can use that same login to access any of our sites. If you upgrade to a paid account you'll enjoy the benefits across all of our sites.

How do I link my old profile to my new account?

First, if you haven't done so already, create a Anime Vice account tied to your email address. From there, simply go to the sites you have a profile and log in. It will prompt you with a way to link your site accounts to the master Anime Vice account. If for some reason you run into trouble linking your accounts contact us on the form above.

I have multiple profiles on one site, is that a problem?

We only allow one profile per site, per Anime Vice account. So while you can have one Comic Vine account and one Giant Bomb account, you can not have two Comic Vine accounts.

How do I change my email preferences?

If you're looking to change your main login / email address use this form. If you're looking to change email preferences for a specific site you'll need to login to that site and change your preferences there. We do this to give you the flexibility to turn off features for one site while keeping them active for another.

How are wiki points handled now?

We now calculate your wiki score across all of our sites but still store your site score individually. All editing privileges are now tied to the overall wiki score. That means if you have 1000 points on Comic Vine you can now make live edits on Giant Bomb and Vice Versa.